In the near future, a prisoner named Dante (William Miller) escapes from jail after having been arrested for illegally entering Spain. Forced to kill a prison guard, he is hunted down by the prison's dog, a monstrous, Rottweiler police dog that sadistic prison warden Kufard, played by Spanish horror icon, Paul Naschy.

CCFx founder, Paul Pistore built animatronics for this near-future sci fi horror film. Directed by the legendary Brian Yuzna, the movie was very loosely based on Alberto Vázquez Figueroa's book "El Perro", 

As Lead Puppeteer on the film, his animatronic Rottweiler(s) killed 5 people, 2 dogs and a chicken (on-screen of course) in a terrifying canine bloodbath.

Rottweiler Movie_Performing onset animatronics repair.jpg_I picked this shot, because it looks cool
Testing Rottweiler _Attack Dog_ puppet
Greenscreen puppetry.jpgThat's me, leading my team_edited
_Attack Dog Puppet_ in battle scars and cybernetic _terminator_ mode
The Endo-Rottweiler meets it's end!_
Animatronic inner skull for Rottweiler _Attack Dog_ puppet
Closeup of _Cyber-Rottweiler_ skull.jpg_Sculpted by David Mosher.jpg_I built the animatronics, inclu
Onset puppetry. Animatronic _Closeup Dog Puppet_