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What is RayRay? High concept walk-around mascot? Lowbrow performance art? Maybe both and probably neither.

Created by Raymond S. Persi and Paul Pistore, comes one of the most unique and oddly captivating characters to ever take the stage. 

RayRay is an expression of the awkward feeling, odd and outcast soul, that dwells in everyone. Everybody RayRay meets, feel something profound from the character. Many find RayRay cute and innocent, some are a little disturbed by his inscrutable nature, but no doubt about it, everyone has a reaction.

RayRay has been seen and loved by thousands at almost every major venue in Los Angeles, multiple appearances in Las Vegas, as well the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in Boulder Colorado and many, many others. RayRay has even appeared with world renowned Cirque du Soleil at their gala openings for “Verikai” and “Zoomanity”.

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