Built by Paul Pistore for the popular Diablo video game, this suit made appearances at conventions and shows to promote Blizzard Entertainment’s new-at-the-time, game.


The design given to Paul and his small team at Total Fabrication consisted of only the chest, shoulders and head of the demon. The rest had been scrawled by the, then president of Blizzard Ent. In fact, the character hadn't been completed, in the game, when the suit was commissioned.


Paul had to extrapolate the design from what he had and create the whole creature. Ultimately, the Diablo in the game was based on Paul's suit, instead of the other way around. The rest, as they say, is history. 

The final suit, with a 6 foot 2 inch (1.88m) actor inside stood in excess of 7 (2
Remember Diablo_ _Set in the fictional Kingdom of Khanduras, beneath the town of Tristram, the playe
We built this fellow for  Blizzard Entertainment to use at conventions and public appearances
When we asked about the dangers of a creature, covered in horns wandering through crowded convention